Bold Boho Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts

Bold Boho Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts

by Heidi Pizzo on Jun 09, 2022


Want more unique bridesmaid proposal ideas and gifts? We've got you covered. We know you want to get the Bridesmaid proposal right. We decided to dive deeper into the topic by offering you a breakdown on our favorite Boho proposal gifts for your girls. Everything from the ever-popular personalized robes, custom compacts to personalized tumblers & glasses, these are the perfect gifts that will make your girls feel super special!         

You Asked, We Answered Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Essentials

When you’re thinking about what to get your bridesmaids, it’s important to remember that the bridesmaid proposal gift is your way of welcoming them into the bride-to-be’s life.

You want to make sure that your ceremony is a beautiful and memorable event for everyone involved, so selecting something thoughtful and personal for each person is key. After all, these women are going to be with you through thick and thin (almost literally) as they help plan one of the most important days of your life!

“I couldn’t tie the knot without you” bracelet and box for your bridesmaids, maid of honor or junior bridesmaids.

The Will You be My Bridesmaid? bracelet and box for your bridesmaids, maid of honor or junior bridesmaids is a perfect Bridesmaid Proposal keepsake.                    

If you have a girl who loves to collect rings and jewelry, this will be the perfect gift for her! This gorgeous bracelet has been designed with a stunning floral box insert that is sure to make them feel special. The box insert will say "I couldn’t tie the knot without you" or “I need you by my side will you help me tie the knot?”. With this beautiful keepsake in hand, she'll never forget your big day!

You Asked, We Answered Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Essentials

What do I get my Maid of Honor? What should we give her? How much should we spend? These are all questions that can be answered easily once you know what she loves most about being an important part of your life as well as a friend who knows how much she means to you already! For these reasons alone it's important to get something thoughtful but not too expensive especially if money is tight during those months leading up to such an eventful day like getting married or having children (which could require similar budgets). A few ideas include personalized candles probably go over well and are a budget friendly option; likewise, our Babe Slippers will keep your girls cozy! Everyone wins!              

The time has come for you to propose to the ladies who will stand by you on your wedding day. From traditional ideas like custom engagement gifts and personalized necklaces with their initials to add a more personal touch, heartfelt ones like our personalized Boho tumbler, there are plenty of options out there when it comes to this important moment in a bride’s journey down the aisle.

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